Brun del Ré Gold


A fine cigar, hand-crafted and made with a blend of fine tobaccos; it has an abundant but well balanced taste that will fill your mounth with such delicateness. Designed to satisfy the experienced smoker, our cigar rollers have worked very hard to develop a blend capable of bringing all the pleasant emotions and sensations a quality cigar can give, with a firm but easy smoke through-out the experience.
The Gold is a medium strength smooth Cigar that without a question will be an excellent choice for a professional smoker or a daily smoker, capable of transporting your taste for Cigars to the very essence of the “Mundo de los Puros”

  • 100% Handmade.
  • Taste: Medium strong.
  • Filler: Nicaragua/Costa Rica.
  • Binder: Indonesia.
  • Wrapper: Ecuador.
  • (Cigars Boxes of 5, 10* and 25 Cigars)


Robusto Immenso*Length: 100mm (4″) Ring gauge: 60
Torpedo Immenso*
Length: 100mm (4″) Ring gauge: 62
: Length: 150mm (6″) Ring gauge: 54
Corona: Length: 150mm (6″) Ring gauge: 44
Robusto: Length: 125mm (5″) Ring gauge: 50
Perfecto: Length: 140mm (5.5″) Ring gauge: 54

*Gold Special Edition Robusto Immenso & Torpedo Immenso

Taste: Medium strong.
Filler: Dominican Rep. / Nicaragua.
Binder: Indonesia.
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Cigar boxes: 10 cigars